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All About The Breaks Sports Cards is dedicated to bringing the most trustworthy and fun experience to group breaking as possible. We may be new to the breaking game, but are not new to the collecting world. With so many choices out there, we want to make sure that every customer contact is a pleasant one. Thank you for visiting our site!

As a kid, I remember collecting cards in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Back then, my prized possessions were my Boggs, Clemens, Gooden, Strawberry, Puckett (the list goes on) rookie cards. I’d have them all neatly tucked in a box. I’d read through my Beckett price guides all the time to watch my cards go from $2.50 to $3.50. WOW!!! What a different time collecting was back then. You could buy wax in just about any 7-11 or liquor store. Then, when I was about 10, I went on a family road trip. I was so excited for the long car ride because it would be a great time to go through all my cards to organize, price, and catalog them. Long story short, as we were packing the car, I placed a box of my most valuable cards on the bumper and that would be the last time I ever saw them. I was so upset that I stopped collecting cards.

Fast Forward to 2006. I reconnected with the hobby. I was so intrigued with how the hobby and products had changed. The autographs, game-used memorabilia, and chrome cards, were all so fascinating.  Over the next few years, I was able to amass a nice collection full of auto’s and relics. Again, I was pulled away from the Hobby. In 2008, I met my now wife. Life changes when you are no longer a bachelor with time for such an expensive and time consuming hobby. So, I did the unthinkable and sold my entire collection. Some lucky person out there bought my Koufax RC, my UD Black Jordan 1/1 auto, my SPX Kobe LeBron Dual Patch auto, etc., etc…

Fast forward again to 2018. Now, I have a Beautiful wife, a 2 year old, hell raising(but AMAZING!) toddler, and a brand new house. Well, this new house just happens to be one mile away from my old favorite LCS. So, of course I did what any smart adult with a new family and a mortgage does, I went to visit the card shop. Then, what did I do? I bought a bunch of wax. What I quickly realized was that I wasn’t really interested in amassing another collection, but I really enjoyed just opening up wax. I had been watching some group breaks online and thought, that would be so much fun to do! So, six months later, here I am with a bunch of unopened product, a registered business, a website, a YouTube channel, distributors, business accounts, a Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter and ready to crack some wax for the public. Don’t get me wrong, I still have a small collection of the new hot players and the love of the hobby has not escaped me. I am just enjoying it in a different way.

~ Kelvin Munemitsu
All About The Breaks Sports Cards

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